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Apple Juice

Here at Ollie’s Orchard, we specialise in producing single variety apple juices which all have their very own unique flavour and identity to suit all palates.

The apple juices will change from year to year since the sugar content and acidy will vary dependant on the weather conditions, amount of sunlight they are exposed to and more critically the time that the apples are picked.

We always leave our fruit on the tree for as long as possible to ensure optimum ripeness and subsequently mill and press the apples the same day to ensure freshness of the product. The apples are hand-picked by friends and family who are trained to select only the very best apples to ensure quality. Our motto is

‘If you wouldn’t eat it you don’t juice it’

The apple juice is then left to settle overnight and then lightly filtered the following day before being bottled and gently pasteurised utilising the very best production equipment. The product is 100% pure juice with a little Ascorbic Acid added to prevent browning and discoloration.

The apples are predominantly mid-season variety and therefore are picked at the beginning of September all the way through to the end of October, however we do have one exception to this which is a variety called George Cave which is picked early August.

The apple juice is available to purchase in both single variety or mixed cases of 12 for 750ml and 24 for 250ml. The bottles can be supplied either clear or green dependent upon your personal preference and subject to availability at the time of order.

The juice must be refrigerated once opened and consumed within three days, however the product can be kept for upto eighteen months from purchase but always refer to the best before date applied to the label.

We have listed below the various varieties within the Ollie’s Orchard portfolio starting from medium/dry through to sweet.