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This is a real passion of mine.

There is nothing more rewarding than caring for a colony of bees that not only provide the essential pollination for our apple trees but also provide a wonderful golden coloured honey at the end of the season.

The bees are absolutely fascinating and it is very easy to lose hours at a time inspecting the hives which is very therapeutic.

We are very fortunate that there is an abundance of forage for the bees not only within the orchard but also in the locality. The orchard has a rich tapestry of flora and fauna and is framed by an ancient deciduous woodland to the West which hosts an abundance of wildlife and is sheltered from the prevailing winds by Poplar and Italian Alder trees. This creates a very sheltered site and a micro climate for the bees to forage collecting copious amounts of pollen and nectar to support the colony.

We are very careful not to extract too much honey from the ‘supers’ during harvest to ensure that the bees have adequate supplies to last them through the winter months.

Honey is sold in 360g jars