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Jams & Preserves

We have thirty mature Marjoree Seedling Plum Trees which crop late September and contribute to our lovely range of home-made preserves.

We are fortunate to use our very own Pectin rich apple juice as a stabiliser for the jams which results in a totally natural product with no additives or preservatives.

The preserves range is suitable for vegetarians and is also gluten free.

We are planning to extend our range of plum jam creating new and exciting tasty fruit blend combinations and will keep you posted with any new additions to the range in due course.

Marjoree Seedling

Marjorie’s Seedling named after breeder Mr Syke’s wife, originated from Berkshire, England in 1912 and is a late season plum harvested  late September / early October. It produces large, oval shaped good quality purple fruits with greenish-yellow flesh,

Tasting Notes:
This plum has a wonderful flavour especially if it is left on the tree to ripen producing a juicy plum.